ACARS FS2004, FSX, FS2020, Prepar3D and X-Plane

Monitor your flights in real time, register now as a pilot.


UESVA does not require an external server to operate. Virtual Airlines will be able to implement HTML modules on their website or create their own modules with the API.


UESVA is compatible with the most used simulators FS2004, FSX, FS2020, Prepar 3D and X-Plane.

Flight Report

Monitor your flights in real time and get a detailed flight report.

What is UESVA?

Unified Economic System of Virtual Airlines (UESVA)

UESVA is flight tracking software for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Prepar3D and X-Plane.
UESVA can be used by Virtual Airlines to track the flights of its pilots, it can also be used by pilots without having to be part of an virtual airline.

With UESVA you do not require an additional server for its operation, all the information is managed by the UESVA servers.

The Acars client is a own software and developer by UESVA, which guarantees total control and constant improvements.

For Virtual Airlines

Manage your virtual airline with the most complete and advanced Tracker system. It has a powerful WEB interface and Acars Client own so you can manage the airline in its entirety.

Pilot management

Manages the pilots completely. Allocation of ranks and wages. Bonuses or penalties in virtual money.

Fleet Management

Manage your airline fleet, buy and sell aircraft, assign fleets to a specific HUB. Assign licenses that enable your airline to fly: Commercial, Cargo, Private, Helicopter or Military.

Route Management

Manage your routes completely, choose between the various existing regular flight modes (Round Trip flights with the same aircraft, 1 dedicated aircraft section and much more).

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For Pilots

Register your flight in full and in real time, apply to any airline registered in UESVA and start your career as a virtual pilot or if you prefer you can fly as a private pilot without belonging to a Virtual Airline.

Virtual Goods

With your validated flights you earn virtual money, so you can buy virtual goods and increase your profits for each flight. Compete with your friends, who will have the best home?

Awards and bonuses

Participate in Tours and Events that your airline has available, take a medal of recognition and much more ... if you do not belong to an airline this is the opportunity!!!

Pilot Ranking

For each flight you will get a ranking based on your pilot quality. Compete for who gets the best ranking and demonstrate your virtual pilot qualities.

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