Unified Economic System of Virtual Airlines (identified as UESVA) gives the highest priority to handling your personal data with respect and confidentiality. UESVA adheres to all applicable data protection laws and regulations. The following privacy policy describes what data is collected from you, who has access to that data, and how it can be used.


1.- When registering, UESVA collects and stores certain personal information, which includes: name; surname; birthdate; Country of residence; email address and IP address. While using our network in any way, we may also collect your network activity, IP addresses, and operating system information.

2.- UESVA collects and stores this data for statistical, research or technical purposes. UESVA provides an anonymized data source to any third party. UESVA provides a data source that contains the first and last name of the user if the user agrees to share her first and last name partially or in full (In your pilot account you can select it in your profile). For UESVA these third parties are only airlines registered in UESVA and the information will only be shared with the airlines to which you belong as a virtual pilot.
3.- UESVA uses the stored information to operate and maintain the network.
4.- UESVA will grant all users the right to view, correct or delete their profile and the information that we have stored on their behalf, within the framework of the law.
5.- UESVA may disclose all information, without prior notice, if required by law or if necessary to comply with the edicts of the law.

What information is stored and how it is used

- Information you provide when registering

When registering with UESVA, it is necessary to provide your real name, country of residence, email address and date of birth. Your name and country of residence will become part of your public profile that can be viewed by any registered user. Your email address will be used to send you notifications such as newsletters, important service announcements, or to facilitate a member of staff to contact you directly. You always have the option to unsubscribe from any mass mailing provided by UESVA from your profile page. Your date of birth will be used to verify that you meet our minimum age requirements for membership and / or staff positions. Your IP address will also be captured and stored as part of this process. Any additional optional information you choose to provide will also be visible to any registered user.
IVAO and VATSIM ID: By providing these IDs, UESVA obtains your flight online from IVAO or VATSIM, the data of the registered flight is shown to the flight validators when you belong to a virtual airline in UESVA.

- Information you provide through the use of our services

When you log in to UESVA Acars clients, the server automatically collects data about your connection, including the date and time of the connection regarding the server, your flight parameters (speeds, altitudes, etc., and the public IP address.
In addition, the operating system used, the simulator used, the acars client used, the acars version, FPSuipc, XPupic and ExtPlane are captured, information shown publicly in the acars reports, except for the ip and the operating system that is displayed. only if it is Windows or MAC, in no case will the detailed version of the user be shown.

- Information retained through the use of our services

In order to provide you with UESVA-related services and to comply with our rules and regulations, our servers retain certain information, including User Connections history and flight history. This information is only visible to UESVA staff, virtual airlines to which you belong and the user himself. Virtual airline membership and personnel details are visible to any registered user.

- Storage of cookies on your computer

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer. Most often, cookies are stored during the current session, that is, until you close your browser, but in some cases they are stored for longer. UESVA uses cookies in the following way:
Registration information
When you visit a UESVA website, the server automatically saves the information that your browser sends each time you visit this site. The information includes your request, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of your request. The information is used solely to analyze and maintain the technical operation of the servers and the network as a whole.

- Communication between you and UESVA

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time by email. Your information will only be used to process your request.

Third Party Services

UESVA uses the Google Maps API for its online map and airport maps. In addition, UESVA uses Google analytics services to monitor the navigation of users within the website and Acars clients, all in order to technically improve the user experience. Information on the Terms of Service and how Google handles your personal data can be found on the Google website.
The websites of the virtual airlines may also use additional third-party plugins. The virtual aerolines websites are not under the direct administration of UESVA.
Users can make use of third-party recording applications to transmit and / or archive their actions on the network. UESVA does not endorse or accept responsibility for the actions of users acting in their own private name.
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